Custom Standard Stand Up Pouch

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Custom Stand Up Pouch are made from (LLDPE) linear low-density polyethylene. These pouches are suitable for nearly any application or product you can imagine. Customize your pouch with your branding, design, and logo.

Minimum order quantity: 1000 units

Production lead time:7 – 14 days

All payment methods accepted. Wire, credit card, E Transfer, Cash, Crypto.

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Shipping worldwide

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Minimum Size: 3 inch x 2 inch

Print method: Copper plate or digital

Full colour printing available


Ships worldwide.

North America: Typically 7 business days
International: Typically 14 business days

Average response time - 2 hours


Custom Stand Up Pouches

Why Pouches are the Best Storage Choice


Shoppers pass up products in cans, rigid plastic, and glass containers in favour of flexible stand up pouches.


Businesses love them because pouches better protect their products along the supply chain and slash shipping costs significantly. Can you relate?


Flexible packaging is lightweight and durable. Pouches are the perfect solution, no matter the product you provide. Powders, liquids, solids, food, cosmetics, and healthcare products can all get an upgrade simply by packaging them in attractive, durable, lightweight pouches.


Is It Time to Switch My Storage Solution?

In most cases these days, rigid storage solutions are losing popularity among customers as well as companies.


Usually, rigid storage containers are made of high-density polyethylene or use some sort of coating on glass or metal storage containers.


Stand up pouch materials do not break down even in warm, sunny conditions. They also tolerate a wider temperature range from frozen to normal cooking temperatures.


Our pouches are far less expensive compared to any of the rigid storage options on the market while being more gentle on the environment.


Packing Pigeon takes your brand to the next level with customized stand up pouches. In addition, we offer full-colour printing of custom-cut labels we can apply to your bags and ship directly to you!

Professional Photo Finishes

Packing Pigeon provides unique stand up pouches customized to make your product stand out. We offer cutting-edge digital printing services to produce the highest quality pouches and labels to draw more customers. You are getting a photo-quality printing process.


These customizable pouches look like the big brands’ containers!


Our copperplate printing is where your design is engraved or etched on a plate; the ink is loaded in then a press transfers the images perfectly. It is a very high-end look for your products. Our experts recommend copperplate printing for orders of a minimum of 5,000 pouches.


Digital printing is another exceptional choice. The digital method does not use physical printing plates. Instead, images are printed directly on the pouches themselves. We recommend the digital process if you want a batch of fewer than 5,000 pouches.


The possibilities for the final look of your design are almost limitless. And full-colour printing is available. Our staff can answer any questions and help you find the perfect container and method of printing to give you the best possible package for your product.

Why People Prefer Packing Pigeon Pouches

Next level branding

Let us first tell you that our pouches are eye-catching, simple, and inexpensive to ship. We offer a wide variety, and each one is entirely customizable to fit your brand personality and attract customers.


What’s not to love in our pouches that are environmentally friendly, easy to ship and store and keep products fresh longer?

Versatility and flexibility

The thing is, they are precisely what your customers want. Imagine how your customers use your products, and we can create pouches to fit every need. Packing Pigeon can customize based on whatever size you need. We offer bags with hang holes so they can sit or be hung. Let us know whether you want our pouches for your products to be resealable or if you really need single-use flexible storage containers that are recyclable.


Food lasts longer

The stand up pouch can fold in on itself, so as the customer uses portions of the food, the bag can be folded down smaller and resealed for airtight protection. Of course, perishable foods must still be stored correctly in the fridge or freezer, but pouches use up less space and withstand a wide range of temperatures while keeping the product safe and fresh. Cannabis will also last longer. Check out our post on: What Is the Best Custom Packaging for Cannabis?

On the go

Stand up pouches eliminate the need to repackage your foods. You do not have to take portions from canned goods and glass containers and put them in a travel container; you are already good to go! Our pouches are also space savers in gym totes, lunch bags, glove compartments, diaper bags, and backpacks.

Less worry

Pouches are manufactured using quality materials that safeguard liquids, solids, and powders. They are puncture resistant, and unlike rigid storage containers, pouches and the products inside are generally safe from damage from being dropped.

Pouches are so much easier to use and store

There is no need for can openers, scissors, or jar openers. Instead, each of our pouches is designed with either an easy-to-remove notched tear-off top or reclosable openings such as zipper closures.

High-quality branding for less

Highly personalized, exceptional quality printing is one of the main draws. Big brands are using them, and customized stand up pouches are accessible for smaller businesses looking to stand out on the store shelf.

Many size and material choices

Packing Pigeon has a wide variety of pouches to fit your profile and product. All are environmentally friendly and provide excellent protection for any of your products. In addition, you can choose from multiple sizes and shapes. You do not have to choose between either a 16-ounce can or a 32-ounce can; you can get the dimensions you want to offer customers.



How Flexible Packaging Compares to Rigid Packaging


Pouches are superior to rigid storage when it comes to both shipping and storing your high-quality products. You can get more of your product to the customer in a much smaller, lighter container. Saving both space and money.


Additionally, this means more of your product fits on the store shelf and in your customer’s cabinets.


Businesses used to have no choice but to use rigid packaging to protect their product. However, it is a long, sometimes bumpy journey from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse to the store and, ultimately, the consumer’s home. Rigid containers can be easily dented or shattered after falling from a relatively low height. In addition, flexible packaging is safer and more convenient.


Stand up pouches are a far superior choice. Technology has dramatically improved in recent years. Both packaging machinery and film technology make pouches better product protectors. They are also highly rated for extending a product’s shelf life while being more gentle on the environment.


You’ll discover 6 benefits your customers are sure to appreciate:

1.    Health benefits

Modern shoppers want healthier products, often organic and free from preservatives. Pouches make that possible. Additionally, metal #10 cans allow leakage of metal materials into food over time. And the use of Bisphenol A (BPA) during manufacturing is even more worrying. BPA is linked to damaging health effects in fetuses and children’s prostate glands and brains.


2.    Sustainability

These flexible products are highly sustainable from the manufacturing process through shipping, consumer use, and ultimately disposal. Sustainability refers to products that can be produced and consumed in ways that do not damage the environment, pull heavily on nonrenewable resources, or carry adverse health side effects.


3.    Efficiency of materials

Linear Low-Density Poly-Ethylene (LLDPE) and recycled paper containers are more lightweight and require fewer base products to produce. In addition, stand up pouches can handle microwave cooking. Not so for metal cans or even some hard plastic or glass containers. Similarly, bags of products can be frozen.


4.    Transportation benefits

Pouches fold flat and are lightweight to ship or haul. They can handle temperature and pressure changes during long-distance transportation. During transport, the choice is clear. Would you rather pay to move 98 pallets of cans for your product or get the same product storage volume from a single pallet of pouches?


5.    Improved shelf life

Studies show that a canned product’s shelf life is generally less than two and up to five years. At the same time, a pouch product remains stable for eight to ten years. As a result, the vast majority of your customers prefer pouches. They weigh next to nothing and simplify storage because the whole package takes up much less room than easy-to-topple cans or glass jars.


6.    Less waste

Pouches are simply less bulky and often easier to recycle for future reuse than rigid storage containers. Businesses switching to pouches enjoy waste reduction, cost-effective results and remain the greener choice.


  • The benefits go even further for customers:
  • The majority of consumers prefer the look and versatility of pouches
  • Decreased fuel waste
  • Lower start-up costs
  • Increased product-to-package ratio
  • Reduction of waste in landfills
  • The space the pouch takes up during its lifespan is low


Is There a Packing Pigeon Pouch That is Right for My Product?

If you can make it, we can create the perfect package for it and ship them directly to you!


The only exception is products in a gas form that need to be stored in canisters. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit. Liquids, solids, and powders can all be packaged, shipped, and used in pouches.


Depending on the product, there are a variety of options for opening, resealing, and ultimately recycling Pigeon Packing products.


  • Paper, glass, and metal containers can all be replaced with a less expensive, more durable, flexible storage pouch.


  • Drinks distributed in pouches are lighter, lowering shipping costs. As a result, retailers can stock more pouches on their shelves compared to drinks in plastic or glass bottles.


Ingredients that lose their flavor or potency over time are well safeguarded in stand up pouches. Think of herbs and spices, coffee, tea, and tobacco. In addition, the pouches protect from UV-rays, heat, and humidity making the products inside much more portable.


Powders, Capsules, Tablets and Liquids


Protein powders are popular food supplements, as are dietary supplements, all aimed at boosting good nutritional intake. Powders, capsules, tablets, and liquids can all be packaged in pouches that maintain products’ nutritional value over time. This product category is often used on the go, and your customers will appreciate how easily they can take their bag of your product anywhere.


Your customers like to keep the delicious snacks and sweets you make handy, whether in the car, at work, at home, at the ballpark, or by the pool. These pouches are the perfect solution. They are also lightweight and flexible, so they’re easy to toss in a backpack, glove compartment, or pantry.


Consumer research shows that people pick pouch storage containers over rigid storage options because the product lasts longer. For example, a deep hair moisturizer or facial serum may be used in tiny quantities, so pouches keep them fresh down to the final few drops. Beauty products are generally considered expensive by consumers. Pouch storage adds value to your already popular products.


If you produce grooming products or cosmetics, think of all the ways pouches with your customized label on them can serve your current customers and draw new users to your:


  • Facial cleansers
  • Face masks
  • Face and body moisturizer
  • Shower gel
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Serums
  • Oil


Pouches keep baby food safe from contamination. Liquids, purees, and small solids are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. Unlike glass or hard plastic, you can let a toddler handle the pouches and eat or drink from them with supervision.


Your precious pets deserve the best, too. Treats, wet food, and dry food are much more convenient out of pouches compared to metal cans or paper bags.

The Evolution of Packaging

At Packing Pigeon, we are passionate about pouches and all that they can offer to your business. When you think about it, the evolution of containers used for packing or storing valuables has had an interesting journey through time. From times when humans had to eat food wherever they could find it to the custom stand up pouches, we can take anywhere. (Astronauts take pouches of food with them to space to give you an idea of just how versatile and flexible packaging is!)


PAPER: The First Flexible Packaging

Paper was probably the first form of flexible packaging dating back to the first century B.C. in China. Techniques changed and spread across the globe in the following centuries.


The next big thing was paper bags sealed with glue, the early ancestors of the stand up pouches. By 1925 sturdier versions of paper sacks were available, featuring multi-walled paper for better durability and sewn edges.


Although inventors of early packaging were definitely on to something with the storage bags, technology was not yet developed to make the bags a safe and secure way to transport products from point A to point B. Using paper products did not keep things fresh for long and could not extend shelf-life. Plus, pests found it easy to penetrate, often ruining the contents that were not used quickly.


GLASS: Centuries of Rigid Storage

Pottery and glass-making pre-date making and using paper as storage. However, its popularity came back around in the form of rigid storage solutions due to the shortcomings of paper.


Right into the early 1970s, glass was mainly reserved for costly products. Glass was expensive to make but, at the time, the best material on the market to get exceptional storage to preserve products.


METALS: Origins of Modern Steel and Tin Cans

Long before there were #10 sealable cans, the French figured out how to seal and then sterilize tin containers which became the next best thing in food storage. That was in the 1800s.


Sealing the cans involved hand soldering before, during, and after cans were filled with food. The only way to open them was by using a hammer and small chisel until 1866, when the first keywind metal tear strip was invented.


Today we view metal such as cans as a form of rigid storage. However, metal was actually an early version of flexible storage when collapsible, soft tubes made of metal were developed. Their first use was to hold artists’ paint. Then eventually, toothpaste.


PLASTIC: New Kid On the Block

Plastics are relatively new inventions compared to paper, glass, and metal. The distillation of the balsam tree resulted in styrene. More pliable plastics were not on the world market until the 50s.


In recent times plastics are still widely used with a focus on making the products sustainable and recyclable.



Why should I step up my label game?

Nowadays, consumers want a little “wow” factor and easy-to-find details about nutrition, product benefits, and usage instructions. And all of those considerations need to seamlessly fit together to make your overall package and product even more desirable.


Where does Packing Pigeon ship?

We can ship anywhere in the world to you!


How soon can I get my custom stand up pouches?

Packing Pigeon offers the best turn-around time in the industry! Our professional design editors will get your online proofs ready within two hours.


  • Five business days for rollstock
  • 15 business days for a finished product
  • Shipping around seven business days (14 business days for International orders)


What is the minimum custom stand up pouch order?

We keep minimum order quantities well below those of our competitors. 5,000 units are the minimum order. That makes the Packing Pigeon pouches the right fit for businesses large, small, and anywhere in between!


Will pouches keep my product fresh longer than metal, rigid plastic, or glass?

Definitely, it is why the trend away from rigid packaging in favor of flexible packaging has grown so much. Flexible packaging is lightweight, extends a product’s shelf life, and the availability of easy open and reclose features and materials that protect the product and can ultimately be reused or recycled.


Can I order samples of my stand up pouch?

Yes, we offer samples of ten pouches, digitally printed, for $250 CAD. Contact us to get your sample today.


What materials are the custom stand up pouches made of?

Linear Low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is recyclable and suitable for packaging liquids, powders, and solids. In addition, LLDPE extends the shelf-life of many products.


Are Packing Pigeon stand up pouches safe for the environment?

These custom stand up pouches are environmentally friendly. In addition, our kraft and biodegradable bags are designed with sustainability in mind.  The manufacturing process for creating Linear Low-Density Poly-Ethylene (LLDPE) creates low environmental pollution. And are safe storage solutions for edible products.


What printing methods are available?

There are several to choose from, including:


  • Copperplate
  • Digital
  • Full-colour printing


Are there different colours or sizes of custom stand up pouches?

Yes! You may choose from our most popular colours: white, black, gold, and ice blue. Or tell us your signature colour and we can make them for you.  You can then have us print your container design directly onto your pouches or get rollstock labels to use however you want. There are various sizes. Flat bags are called three-sided seal bags. Plus, we offer several sizes of stand up pouches to choose from.


Is graphic design help available?

Our professionals can make your design ideas a reality. Quality graphic design is directly linked to increased sales. Our design help is part of our service to you, and you will have your online proofs within two hours.


How does a stand up pouch go from flat to sturdy standing?

The Packing Pigeon stand up pouch arrives flat, making storage a breeze. It has a bottom gusset that folds out, creating a sturdy flat base for the bag. The rest of the bag then stands straight up and remains stable on shelves and in cabinets.


We can also put hang holes in your pouches so products can be prominently displayed on shelves, endcaps, or at the checkout counter.


What is the product-to-package ratio?

Pouches require less material to manufacture and soundly beat out rigid storage containers in product-to-package ratio. Fewer materials mean lower material weight and less solid waste once the customer is finished using the product.


An eight-ounce glass bottle is almost the exact same portion of the package for the product it can hold. A 1:1 ratio. An 8-ounce pouch produces a whopping 32:1 ratio.


No matter what you are selling, stand up pouches are the best way to package, ship, and sell your product.


Shoppers don’t want to fill their shopping carts and grocery bags with heavy glass and metal containers. Pouches offer more value at less cost than rigid options while being durable and lightweight.


Get in touch today and let our experts show you our wide variety, then help you narrow down your favourites to end up with the perfect pouches for your company. We can bring your design to life with your colour choices and label designs. See your online proof within a couple of hours and enjoy fast shipping anywhere in the world!




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