Brown Kraft With Clear Side Stand Up Pouch (Stock)


Our Ultra Clear Stand-Up Barrier Pouches are constructed with premium recycled natural kraft paper. Designed with an airtight, reclosable zipper to seal in freshness. Food grade laminate interior for barrier protection against oxygen, odors, and moisture with resealable zip closure. Eco-friendly packaging option.


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Each Box Contains 500 Bags


Our Ultra Clear Stand-Up Barrier Pouches provide a safe and secure format to package a variety of products. They provide an excellent barrier against water vapour and oxygen. This makes them the best option for a wide range of companies where freshness and shelf life are a priority. Perfect for food products as our laminates are FDA food-grade approved.

Economic and environmental advantages

    Less polluting to manufacture
    Easy transport and storing

Our pouches are easy to merchandise; they stand up on a shelf and can display your product branding. With its resealable zipper, it is reusable for the end user. It ensures a longer life span compared to other packaging forms.